Precision components of the highest level 

Job Precision is your complete partner for high-precision components. Unique in the precision engineering industry:
we carry out all machining operations in-house. From 5-axis milling to turning, from profile grinding to EDM. Within planning, within Budget, within 1 µm.


The world leaders in machining technology

The CERN particle accelerator, the ExoMars Rover exploration vehicle, the Hubble Space Telescope, the latest generation of EUV machines from ASML ... All of these have components from Job Precision on board. So what can we mean for you?

The best people, the best machines

The extremely high accuracy of the machines in which our components are used, puts increasingly higher demands on the precision and cleanliness of our work. We continuously invest in people and equipment in order to stay ahead of the field. For example, we have Hembrug and Studer turning and cylindrical grinding machines and high-quality Yasda milling machines.

Proprietary metrological department, proprietary cleanroom

As a matter of course, our entire workshop is one large air-conditioned space.
We have a proprietary metrological department where we carry out measurements at the highest level (including 3D measurements). We also have our own cleaning street and ISO Class 7 cleanroom for the assembly of high-quality components and parts.

Machining of the most exotic materials

We can machine even the most expensive and difficult to machine materials for you. Among other materials, we process molybdenum, tungsten carbide, titanium, stainless steel, tool steel and aluminium, as well as tungsten, TZM (Titanium-Zirconium-Molybdenum alloy), tantalum and Inconel.


IndustrieIn accordance with the highest standards in the precision engineering industry

We meet the highest standards, such as QLTC performance management of ASML and create high vacuum components that satisfy the grade-2 requirements of ASML. On top of this, we also supply to the aerospace, medical, optical and semiconductor industries. In addition, we make high-precision tooling/mould components.

Synergie und Kapazität

Job Precision is part of Anvil Industries, which consists of five precision engineering companies in the Netherlands. There is significant synergy within the group in both fields of machining and non-machining. When needed, we can scale up to a machining capacity of around 200 highly specialized employees.


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