High Precision Parts

We are specialist in manufacturing of High precision components
and parts, for the technical industry. 

Precision Parts Industry.

Job Precision manufactures high precision part on High accuracy machinery, therefore we are able to manufacture all kinds of exotic materials (Titanium, Wolfram, Tungsten Carbide, etc.) Job Pecision’s streamlined production system delivers high-speed results that exceed customer expectations.

Job Precision – your precision partner.

History Job Precision

To build long-term business value, you need to work with partners you can trust. At Job Precision, we have an eye for precision that goes far beyond all normal boundaries.

It comes from over 65 years’ experience in making moulds and high precision parts and assemblies, our speciality warranted in the wide ranch of all types manufacturing operations. And the experience in manufacturing all kinds of exotic materials.
We work for semi-conductors, aerospace, Defence,
high-end technical industry.